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Improvement Group AG
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NetInnovator is a very flexible tool to tap the collective intelligence. We use it in two specific situations.

1. Campaign
You have a specific question or issue and want to ask a wide community for ideas. People can contribute using the platform, evaluate other ideas and provide comments on ideas and other comments.
We can also split up the community into virtual groups to discuss one idea or/and to work on different ideas. After that we can rotate the results of each group to the next round table, an so on. At the end the starting group will see all added comments and evaluations and can develop a summary.

You have different evaluation opportunities such as stars, score cards or token voting. This is explained more specifically under “From Gravel to Gold”.

2. Idea or Project Market
The e-platform is always open and everybody with access authorization can submit ideas, comments and evaluations whenever he or she wants using different tools such as SMS, email, fax, White Board.
This is a way to generate ideas for innovation or improvement.

For both situations a clearly designed process is needed: How to find the right idea? Who can make decisions and who is responsible for the project portfolio?