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Develop Talents

Every collaborator has talents but often they are not identified or misjudget. To identify talents you need good instruments which is relatively simple. However, it is much more difficult to establish a culture enabling collaborators to choose opportunities self responsible without support from the respective superior and leaders to support them as coaches. Leaders have to have a high social competence to use instruments such as MbO in a personal and not only technical way.

Further the organization has to be open for different also inter departmental and functional careers. Talented people want to grow and to use their skills and knowledge, so they can contribute substantially to the development of an organization. They need to be challenged and supported at the same time.
The most effective way to really develop talents is a combination of coaching/training and challenging tasks.

From our experience it is also helpful to work with knowledge maps. A well- developed map will show structural and personal deficits and helps to plan the right measures for groups or departments.

We advise also advise our clients to develop an integrated management development system, which should be customized to their needs and internal culture – or targeted culture.