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Enabling Managers

Future managers are entrepreneurs, able to see opportunities in new circumstances and to build trust for fast changing cooperation. They develop innovative strategies and new inter-industrial products and business models.

The future manager knows how to use internal and external communities to tap collective wisdom for better solutions, enhanced innovation and greater improvement. Such managers develop added value together with their customers and take responsibility and action without the encumbrance of hierarchical status – which they understand often slows down decision making and hinders creativi-ty. They are networkers in a networked world; a world with open access to knowledge and new forms of cooperative research.

To cope with the growing complexity of the external world the organization has to increase its own internal complexity in tandem. Managers recognize that today, there are mounting complaints about more meetings, more projects and inefficient workflows – which lead to more projects for improvement!

But this rising internal-external complexity cannot be managed in the traditional ways that were developed back in the seventies. At that time it was all about MbO, controversial discussion regard-ing different leadership styles, team work, matrix and process organization – we trained more than 10.000 managers – nothing wrong with that but that is not sufficient for the networked world of today.

It is now time to develop your managers and high potentials to successfully handle complexity and virtualization and to feel good in a fast changing, unpredictable future world – and the future will arrive soon.

We developed new methods and content for the needed training.
There is also an important aspect in general: Don’t dissipate time and money on hotels and travel but invest in right thinking, smart tools and innovative methodologies.

In order to tailor our training specifically for your company we work closely together with your staff. For this reason, we are looking for partner companies to develop individual modules or a complete development program.

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