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Improvement Group AG
Improvement Group AG
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The Improvement Group team is made up of professionals whose combined management expertise and experience offers directed support across the entire value chain. Our approach to consultancy is cooperative; we seek synergies by combining externally gained insights with internal expertise, an approach which intrinsically delivers tangible and sustainable results.

Open position as:

Management Consulting Partner or Senior Consultant

You are a self assured personality. You have experienced differnt organisations and know the meaning of "practice". You are sensible to peoples attitudes and the pecularities of organisations. You are a convincing person with an impressive network. To acquire your own projects and to work on consulting or training projects is what you want to do.

With a dgree in psychology, organisational developement, economics or natural sciences/engineering you are a smart person with an aptitude to find the right approach taking into considaration the big picture.

You are looking to discuss your ideas with colleques and interdisciplinary project work is imporant to you. You communicate effective in englisch and german, any other lanquage is an asset. We offer a challenging position with a large degree of enterpreneurial freedom. Our tools are unique and innovative. We are looking forward to develop our organisation together with you.

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