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There are a lot of theoretical discussions about innovation: Inside-out and outside-in, breakthrough or disruptive innovation, etc. Those are interesting discussions and also hypotheses for research but not much of practical relevance.
The old description from Drucker is more simple but helpful: "An idea tapping an untapped resource or creating a new resource."
For example, a fashion designer is innovative if she or he creates a new line opening a new customer segment; if not it is only creative work. Innovation could take place in
  • higher market exploitation
  • new process designs
  • product and services
  • business models

An open minded, not hierarchically thinking culture is a precondition for innovation. In such a learning culture it will be possible to create networks within the company as well as with customers and other stakeholders. Such networks allow to tap the most important resource: Knowledge, capability and intuition of large groups (tap the wisdom of the crowd).

With innovative tools you can open ideas and project markets and run fast virtual brainstorming sessions with unlimited groups all over the world.