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Innovation and Improvement

Any organization needs feasible ideas to for sustainable future success, ideas for innovation and/or ideas for improvement.
We could differentiate between innovation and improvement, but in the phase of ideation it does not matter what ideas are delivered. Afterwards, in the phase of strategic decisions and allocation of resources, there are different processes for improvement and innovation.
An innovation taps untapped resources or creates new resources and generates profit. Improvement means to improve the current system.

Improvement is often associated with continuous small steps, rooting back to the seventies with Kaizen, Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, Constraint Management, etc. Kaizen is more than a method, but the other are methods more or less successful business models with a good marketing.
In our understanding, improvement also helps to improve the current system, but fast and in big steps!

Organizations are always challenged by the new. People have a strong tendency to resist change in order to maintain the known. The mindsets in an organization affect new ideas adversely. Therefore, an open-minded culture is crucial to find new ideas for implementation, call it an innovation-DNA. We help you to develop the according culture and have the experience to do it.

Wisdom Of The Crowd (knowledge, capabilities and gut feeling) is not hierarchical organized. To find the right idea you have to setup processes overruling hierarchical structures, and the collective intelligence will be the higher the more people you involve.

To manage an efficient process from ideation to launch or improvement, innovative tools are needed.