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Customer Value

Customers pay our accounts and are therefore the pivotal point for all reasoning about business. In order to really address customer needs and to generate customer value three questions are crucial:
  • What reasons do customer have for buying?
  • What are the reasons for not buying (customers and non-customers)?
  • Do we know the important criteria along the distribution chain?

Only the point of view of customers is important when seeking for a sound positioning in a market. Often the customer's perception is just an opinion of collaborators. There is a real danger that while customers and the market evolve, products and services do not.

Align your perception

People wearing glasses know, glasses tend to lose their effectiveness as our eyes change over time. Also the perception of management teams needs to realign with customer perception from time to time. Such a "recalibration" of perception allows to focus attention on the important attributes of products and services.

With just a few customer focus groups you can gain reliable information on market positioning. At the same time you will also find potentials for improvement and innovation. Often we find also cost savings and sometimes also possibilities to raise prices.