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In order to make good decisions and to build an innovative and improving organization it is crucial to use as much intelligence as possible.

We have developed innovative tools which help to tap the collective intelligence of groups of any size and anywhere in the world. That is more than tools, it is a customized process which has to be designed properly. The tools allow to ask defined communities some questions or to hold virtual brainstorming sessions. It is also possible to set up an electronic pin wall, a platform which is open for ideas from all members of a specified community, transmitted by email, SMS, fax or white board.
The members of the community can discuss, evaluate and make comments. You can also work with virtual round tables and to gather the most important ideas afterwards or do install virtual committees to evaluate the results. At this point we can only give some hints of the flexibility of the processes and tools.

There is no internal installation needed and so there will be no security issues.